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 Lucky 88 Casino Slot Game From Aristocrat 

Lucky 88 casino slot game developed by Aristocrat Technologies(one of the largest manufacturers of slot machines in the world). The game revolves around the Chinese culture. Number 88 symbolizes fortune and good luck in Chinese culture, since the word 8 sounds similar to the word Fā (wealth, in Mandarin or Cantonese).The number 8 is considered to be the luckiest number in Chinese culture, and prices in Chinese supermarkets often contain many 8s.

lucky 88 casino game

Lucky 88 Online Slot Game

Lucky 88 casino is a 5-reel slot with 25 paylines and a number of other features that make the game interesting. The interface of the game is pretty simple and easy to use.The number eight is easily the most identifiable aspect of the theme to the game.

The theme of the game, including the symbols on the reels, the music in the beginning, and even the fonts used in the game reflect the oriental style.Players will regularly encounter all sorts of Chinese style images on the reels and even within the bonus features. The background to the reels changes itself a round to keep the action fresh and the reels are covered in both the standard playing card symbols and the likes of Dragon Statues and Chinese Lanterns.

lucky 88 game Malaysia

Dragon Statues and Chinese Lanterns.

Lucky 88 casino  is an easy-to-play online slots game that can be played for real and for fun on almost all Aristocrat online casinos.

Many of Aristocrat’s most popular features are included as standard on their slot games, and Lucky 88, in spite of how unique it is as a game, offers fans of Aristocrat slots everything that they have come to expect over the years. Players will immediately notice that the action takes place on the standard layout of five reels and you can choose anything from one to 25 win lines.  However, the reasoning soon becomes clear when the player notices that the maximum coin bet is $4 and $3,552 divided by four is 888 – another example of the theme’s liberal use throughout the game’s functionality.

lucky 88 casino game

Lucky 88 Chinese Game

The Lucky 88 online casino slot is just as feature packed as players have come to expect from Aristocrat. As always, they have combined some specific themed bonuses that take the overall Chinese feel into account, while ensuring that all of their standard features are present and correct, giving both new and existing players something to look forward to.

First up on the reels is the Chinese Man symbol. He acts as a wild card, while also giving lucky players the opportunity to apply a multiplier of up to 88 times the original prize value on any win line in which he participates.

The aforementioned Paper Lantern symbol is also crucial to the action as it acts as Lucky 88’s casino slot scatter symbol. It offers two functions, as is the case with many scatter symbols on Aristocrat slots.

First and foremost, it offers players a pay-out whenever two or more symbols appear on a single spin, regardless of the order in which they appear.

lucky 88 Aristocrats slot

Aristocrat’s Scatter Symbols Used In Slot


For example, three lanterns at once doubles the player’s stake and credits it back into their account, while four at once pays back a thematic eight times the wager. However, never is the Lantern as themed and lucrative as when one spins in on every reel. Five at once instantly pays the player 188 times their total stake.

Naturally, as with many of Aristocrat’s scatter symbols, the Lantern not only awards a prize but also offers players access to the bonus round when spinning in three or more. While in many respects the bonus game is a typical free spins round, it offers the added twist of allowing players to trade spins for multipliers – in practice this means either more spins with a lower multiplier applied to all prizes, or fewer spins but with all prizes increased by more.


Genting Highlands Casino Malaysia


The player is, of course, free to experiment with their bonus selections and there is no better place in Malaysia here at Genting Highlands Casino, where you can play the bonus round and every other part of Lucky 88 casino slot game as many times as you wish, and all completely free of charge.

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